At She Universe we are not only Chocolate Specialists...
We are True Chocolate Alchemists who breathe and follow the vastness of chocolate; its depth, wonder and magic, to bring you the gold of authentic chocolate experience.

We create unique chocolates with organic, real ingredients and you will find us in organics shops, refilleries and many other fine retail establishments.

We are becoming famous for our organic loose chocolate 'moments'. These large, unpackaged chocolates are appearing on cafe counters across New Zealand to accompany your coffee or sweetly finish your lunch.

We are chocolatiers and confiseurs; meaning that we craft our own chocolate as well as working with the fine full bean chocolate crafted for us by Trade Aid right here in Christchurch.

Our own full bean chocolate invites you to taste the true flavour of the cacao tree, the farm and the region. The creaminess is because the natural ratio of cacao butter in the bean is maintained.